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This Blog Is A Work In Progress

As I said in my last post, I'm working on getting back into blogging after so much time off. Because of my other commitments, I'm doing this slowly, so please be patient. I'm working on a whole lot of research, including the benefits of bone broth and "superfood" smoothies, how to heal diastasis recti, more… Continue reading This Blog Is A Work In Progress

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Matcha: One Amazing Tea

I bet you think I've forgotten about my Confessions of a Sugar Addict thread, but I promise I have not! I simply am working my way through a ton of research, theory, and practical personal application to find what methods work well (for myself, but hopefully also for you). Stick with me because I'm coming… Continue reading Matcha: One Amazing Tea

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The Stomach Flu and Mint Tea

I've been down and out for the count this week due to the stomach flu. It might have been food poisoning but it seemed to last longer than that so I'm counting it as the flu. It seems to be the thing that's going around right now, so here's one of my tips to help… Continue reading The Stomach Flu and Mint Tea

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The Benefits of Matcha Tea

After I had my first daughter, we did her baby shower in a tea shop. The owner is one of the few tea masters in the USA, and she expounded upon the benefits of quality Matcha tea, a powdered green tea that one whisks into a frothy hot drink...or mix it in with some lemonade… Continue reading The Benefits of Matcha Tea