Stressing In (and Outside) Yoga Class

Is this you? If it is, you're not alone. At one point or another, every participant has been there...and we've all wondered why we've decided to put ourselves through a(nother) yoga class.   I bet you didn't realize that there could be stress in a class that so many proclaim helps alleviate such a problem … Continue reading Stressing In (and Outside) Yoga Class


This Blog Is A Work In Progress

As I said in my last post, I'm working on getting back into blogging after so much time off. Because of my other commitments, I'm doing this slowly, so please be patient. I'm working on a whole lot of research, including the benefits of bone broth and "superfood" smoothies, how to heal diastasis recti, more … Continue reading This Blog Is A Work In Progress

What Do You Mean, I’ve Got to Workout While Pregnant?

I've seen it so often. Women find out their pregnant, start feeling the effects of it, and quit coming to the gym or their classes. When I see them again postpartum, they feel huge and out of shape.   Now, let me preface this by saying that I'm not throwing rocks. I know how debilitating … Continue reading What Do You Mean, I’ve Got to Workout While Pregnant?

Working Out with Toddlers

A lot of us have been there, are there, or will be there. We're trying to be healthy and exercise...and we've got littles running around, climbing on you or something else, and it's really,┬áreally hard to focus or get a full set of reps in when you're constantly jumping up to handle some situation. Some … Continue reading Working Out with Toddlers

Fitness & Body Image

I know I've talked about this before, but I've seen a surge in referencing the body (particularly, a female body) and being happy with it on social media recently, so I thought I'd touch on the subject again by busting a common fitness myth that is perpetuated in virtually every magazine, fitness or otherwise, in … Continue reading Fitness & Body Image

I Am Invictus

Over the last week, I've watched what I could of the Invictus Games through Facebook posts. I am really, really upset that all that was offered on ESPN was a recap of the games and some coverage of the Opening and Closing ceremonies. It's gotten me thinking about an organization that my husband is a … Continue reading I Am Invictus

Share Your Thoughts and Opinions with Me!

I have completely fallen off the blogging bandwagon since January. Let me tell you, I've thought about you and this blog many times, but transitioning out of the military, being a mom, and finding work (and working my Jamberry Nails business) have really consumed my every waking moment. Regardless, I am extremely thrilled to be … Continue reading Share Your Thoughts and Opinions with Me!