Walking & Swimming, the Cardio Workouts for All Bodies

Cardiovascular exercise is important for everybody. It keeps the heart healthy and reduces the risks of cardiovascular disease associated with today's sedentary lifestyle, yet with so many options available the rates of obesity are still growing. There are a lot of reasons for this ranging from demographics to cost, but I think a lot of … Continue reading Walking & Swimming, the Cardio Workouts for All Bodies


Finding a Yoga Workshop or Certification Program that Works for You

The title might be a little misleading because it really points to my own struggles of finding something close to the location where I'm currently living right now that will fulfill the 10 contact hours required once every three years by Yoga Alliance to keep your certification. But then, of course, that's got me thinking … Continue reading Finding a Yoga Workshop or Certification Program that Works for You

The Holiday Edition: Remembering Yourself

It's that time again. It's the time when life carries you away with business. The holidays are upon us, and while that means good food and great times, it can also mean unnecessary stress and anxiety from to-do lists that are too long. And that means longer nights and shorter tempers, which is no fun … Continue reading The Holiday Edition: Remembering Yourself

A Healthy Halloween Candy Alternative

I cannot take credit for this idea. I heard about it when I attended Mommy Con last fall, but I think it's a terrific idea. If you are looking to reduce the amount of sweets your children are eating during Halloween--which begins the holiday sweets-eating frenzy that happens from October through the new year--then try … Continue reading A Healthy Halloween Candy Alternative

What is with Yoga Pants Anyway?

Yoga pants have recently come under fire, even so far as there being proposed laws against them, and not without reason. Sometimes, these pants aren't flattering. And I don't mean to your body shape. As a mind-body fitness instructor, one of the things we're supposed to do is monitor clothing so that it doesn't distract … Continue reading What is with Yoga Pants Anyway?