Share Your Thoughts and Opinions with Me!

I have completely fallen off the blogging bandwagon since January. Let me tell you, I've thought about you and this blog many times, but transitioning out of the military, being a mom, and finding work (and working my Jamberry Nails business) have really consumed my every waking moment. Regardless, I am extremely thrilled to be … Continue reading Share Your Thoughts and Opinions with Me!


May 2016 Bring You Joy!

First off, Happy New Year! I hope that you find much joy in it. When things get hard, think about how far you've come instead of focusing on where things went wrong!   Second, I know I promised a third part to my major articles and links series in December, but life ate me. Seriously. … Continue reading May 2016 Bring You Joy!

Where In the World Have I Been? (Articles & Recipes, Part 1)

I haven't been on hardly at all lately. I've been caught between three giants that are taking all of my time: My family, because that's just where it's at 🙂 Getting ready to move to MI in December--this is fast approaching! National Novel Writing Month because it's awesome! I suppose I should add Jamberry onto … Continue reading Where In the World Have I Been? (Articles & Recipes, Part 1)

August 2015 Articles & Recipes

I've had one of those weeks. The ones that drag you through the mud. In fact, today I've rather felt a little like mud. But that's okay! Days like this can get you down but you don't have to let them! One of the most valuable lessons I have learned is the power of positive … Continue reading August 2015 Articles & Recipes

July 2015 Articles and Recipes

Wow! I totally forgot it was the last week of the month last week, and so forgot to post these! Here are some awesome articles and recipes! Enjoy and stay cool! Articles A Girl's Guide to Weight Training 6 Benefits of Using Weightlifting Machines The Science of Suspension Exercise 7 Squat Variations Master the Push … Continue reading July 2015 Articles and Recipes

June 2015 Articles and Recipes

Holy smokes! This month totally got away from me! Here's to getting back into a routine come July! Until then, enjoy these fantastic articles and recipes (yes, there are more than two this time LOL)! Articles Mental Toughness Techniques for Peak Performance Reciprocal Superset Training Burns More Calories (Study) The Secrets to Behavioral Change: Principles … Continue reading June 2015 Articles and Recipes

Why I’m Giving Up Selling Essential Oils

I love essential oils! Truly I do. I think they're a wonderful way to boost a healthy lifestyle. They smell good. They work how people say they're supposed to. They have all kinds of properties that are just plain good when diffused or diluted. So why am I giving up selling them? A couple reasons: … Continue reading Why I’m Giving Up Selling Essential Oils