This Blog Is A Work In Progress

As I said in my last post, I'm working on getting back into blogging after so much time off. Because of my other commitments, I'm doing this slowly, so please be patient. I'm working on a whole lot of research, including the benefits of bone broth and "superfood" smoothies, how to heal diastasis recti, more … Continue reading This Blog Is A Work In Progress


Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, Part 1: Where I’ve Been the Past (Almost) Year

As you may already know, a fact which I certainly have admitted to before is this: When I get pregnant, I get really sick. Last November, I learned that I had, indeed, become pregnant with our third baby and went through the usual long-lasting nausea that accompanies my being with child.   What we didn't … Continue reading Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, Part 1: Where I’ve Been the Past (Almost) Year

Working Out with Toddlers

A lot of us have been there, are there, or will be there. We're trying to be healthy and exercise...and we've got littles running around, climbing on you or something else, and it's really, really hard to focus or get a full set of reps in when you're constantly jumping up to handle some situation. Some … Continue reading Working Out with Toddlers

Cloth Diapering 201: When You Have Two Under Two

I've been documenting my cloth diapering experience here because I think it's important for moms to realize that it's doable. And more than doable, it's easy. With water usage becoming more of an issue, it is also environmentally friendly because cloth diapers use less water when washed than companies do when making their disposables. Yes, … Continue reading Cloth Diapering 201: When You Have Two Under Two

Basic Natural Childbirthing Advice

Last week slipped away from me as follows: WE FINALLY GOT OUR TAX REFUND, SO NOW I CAN BUY CLOTH DIAPERS AND NURSING TANKS--AND, OH, IT'S GETTING HOT, HOT, HOT OUTSIDE AND MY DAUGHTER DOESN'T HAVE ANY SUMMER CLOTHES FOR HER SIZE, SO WE NEED SOME OF THOSE TOO! Needless to say, with my head swimming … Continue reading Basic Natural Childbirthing Advice

My Hair! And Other Postpartum Phenomena

I'm a part of a few Facebook mom groups, and sometimes I come across posts that I find rather humorous. Not because I think the mom posing the question lacks common sense or a knowledge base. Rather, I smile because I had the same thoughts as these things happened to me for the first time. … Continue reading My Hair! And Other Postpartum Phenomena

Essential Oils: Why Use Them?

Last month, I discussed what essential oils are. This month, I wanted to briefly touch on why you might consider using them. Before I do, I'd like to reiterate what I've said many times before: I'm not a doctor, and therefore I cannot diagnose, treat, cure, and/or prevent any disease. My intention is to discuss … Continue reading Essential Oils: Why Use Them?