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This Blog Is A Work In Progress


As I said in my last post, I’m working on getting back into blogging after so much time off. Because of my other commitments, I’m doing this slowly, so please be patient. I’m working on a whole lot of research, including the benefits of bone broth and “superfood” smoothies, how to heal diastasis recti, more on congenital diaphragmatic hernias, skin issues (they’re a problem in my own family and so I want to learn more), spices and herbs, tea, essential oils and similar products, and a whole lot of mind-body exercises and how it affects the whole being (not only the body). I’ll probably share great recipes I find on occasion too! Don’t forget that I’m not done talking about my sugar addiction either. I’m very passionate about healing through natural means whenever possible (I never knock on the benefits of modern medicine, however) and I really want to share this passion with you.


If you have special requests on things you’d like to learn more about, please share them with me in the comments, remembering that I’m not a doctor and therefore I cannot diagnose. (When in doubt, always discuss things with your physician. When in doubt after you do so, see a second opinion from another qualified doctor, registered dietitian, naturopath, aromatherapist, etc.)


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