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Matcha: One Amazing Tea

I bet you think I've forgotten about my Confessions of a Sugar Addict thread, but I promise I have not! I simply am working my way through a ton of research, theory, and practical personal application to find what methods work well (for myself, but hopefully also for you). Stick with me because I'm coming… Continue reading Matcha: One Amazing Tea

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Walking & Swimming, the Cardio Workouts for All Bodies

Cardiovascular exercise is important for everybody. It keeps the heart healthy and reduces the risks of cardiovascular disease associated with today's sedentary lifestyle, yet with so many options available the rates of obesity are still growing. There are a lot of reasons for this ranging from demographics to cost, but I think a lot of… Continue reading Walking & Swimming, the Cardio Workouts for All Bodies

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Two Tummy Toners Accessible For Everyone

There are a few things regarding exercise that I truly believe are accessible to everyone. I'll talk about cardiovascular exercise another time but for now I want to talk about working the deep muscles of the trunk--in this case, I'm focusing on the transverse abdominis. This thick band of muscle is the deepest of the… Continue reading Two Tummy Toners Accessible For Everyone