Finding a Yoga Workshop or Certification Program that Works for You

The title might be a little misleading because it really points to my own struggles of finding something close to the location where I’m currently living right now that will fulfill the 10 contact hours required once every three years by Yoga Alliance to keep your certification. But then, of course, that’s got me thinking about how exactly you go about finding a workshop or even a certification program.


First and foremost, it requires a lot of thought, patience, and vigilance. You’ve got to wade through a lot of information and a lot of opportunities. You need to know what you’re looking for, which can be hard when a lot of things appear interesting. And you need to know your budget and how much time you can commit to it. Can you really afford to go to beautiful Thailand for a full month?


I, for one, chose to do the YogaFit program to earn my 200-RYT because I didn’t have to sign up for a whole certification program at one time. I could pay as I went and the certificates I received from them never expired. It took me about 2 years to do mainly because I had my eldest child and therefore it became harder for me to travel. It fit very well into my budget, and I was also very fortunate to have the help of a military spouse’s scholarship. (If you are a military spouse, check to see if you’re eligible for the MyCAA scholarship!) My favorite parts of the trainings, however, is that while they built upon tradition they did not promote any one world view and they came from a place of safety so that everyone learned how to bring yoga to everybody with every body.


Last of all, make sure you know what your commitments are. There’s a yoga program that I’m interested but it requires something like 3 hours of practice each day. With two very young children, that is not a realistic program for me because I could not dedicate the time required to study (and I’d feel bad if I didn’t do it). Read everything. Ask questions of the program or studio you’re interested in. Learn about your potential investment as much as possible, because it is an investment in yourself! And be excited when you find the right workshop or certification program. It’s an adventure to take one, a learning experience to embrace, and an excellent way to improve and take care of yourself.


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