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May 2016 Bring You Joy!


First off, Happy New Year! I hope that you find much joy in it. When things get hard, think about how far you’ve come instead of focusing on where things went wrong!


Second, I know I promised a third part to my major articles and links series in December, but life ate me. Seriously. It ate me. It swooped in like a huge pterodactyl and swallowed me whole. So that third post didn’t get done. Instead, I’m going to spice things up again and change up my posting this year, focusing on shorter but info-packed posts in order to accommodate my busy schedule.


Last, I’d love to hear from you! Tell me what you’d like to see from me this year. It can be anything from diet to exercise to mindfulness moments. I’m all ears!


2 thoughts on “May 2016 Bring You Joy!”

  1. Now that you have been spat back out, it’s nice to see you again, slobbery hair and all. I hope 2016 lets you catch your breath. Change is good, where you’re at is God’s will for you, and I can’t wait to see you grasp it with both hands.

    I would love to see you describe and/or show some easy yoga and Pilates exercises. Also maybe do a healthy recipe (not just a link to one) here.

    Speaking of healthy cooking, I just got a new Vegetarian India cookbook. So excited!

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