A Healthy Halloween Candy Alternative

I cannot take credit for this idea. I heard about it when I attended Mommy Con last fall, but I think it’s a terrific idea. If you are looking to reduce the amount of sweets your children are eating during Halloween–which begins the holiday sweets-eating frenzy that happens from October through the new year–then try the Switch Witch.

Here’s how this idea works:

  • Go Trick or Treating!
  • Somehow pry the candy out of your children’s little hands.
  • Tell them about how the Switch Witch will be bringing them an extra special Halloween treat that they will receive the next morning.
  • Give them this gift wrapped up all pretty!
  • Take the hidden candy and donate it…but make sure it goes out of your house.

Some people might think that taking a child’s candy away is a bit extreme, but let’s be realistic. Our kids come into contact with far too much sugar on any given day. They don’t need the sugary drug that is handed out to them on Halloween any more than we do. Sugar is well-known for altering brain chemicals. It is more addicting than heroin. Therefore, why not start a healthier tradition that not only removes most or all of the over-abundance of candy from the premises, but also encourages your children to learn or read or do something amazing (whatever that gift you give might be)?

Do you have a favorite alternative to Halloween candy? I’d love to hear about it!


1 thought on “A Healthy Halloween Candy Alternative”

  1. This seems wrong to me, somehow. If you don’t want the kids to have candy, DON’T take them trick or treating, and don’t have candy at the door for others. A note on the door suffices to that effect. I know it’s fun to have them dress up, but this approach feels like a bait and switch.

    Alternatively, I would have a harvest party or Halloween party in my home and do a variety of alternative snacks. You can all still dress up, but you then don’t have the crushing disappointment of getting candy only to have it taken away. I don’t know what sort of gift could ever replace candy in a child’s life.

    In my house, we got the candy, but only two pieces a day. It was then strung out for a period of weeks, and picking those two pieces became a topic of conversation between my brother and I. We thought about it during the day, discussed it on the way home from school, and finally got our two pieces each afternoon. It was much more fun that way. As we got older, we kept our candy, but by that time we had the discipline not to eat the whole thing in one night.

    If I had to come up with an alternative, I’d say Silly Putty or cans of aerosol string. Bubbles might work for younger kids. But candy is still the best thing at Halloween.

    Sorry to be on the side of the Treats Witches, but there it is.

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