Saying No Is Healthy

I hate saying No. I’m an overachiever. I want to do everything. But sometimes you’ve got to step back from an overly-packed schedule and tell someone you’re sorry but you can’t do it.

I mean, I say NO to my toddler all the time! HAHA! Why shouldn’t I say it to someone else?

Let’s face it, Our time is precious…and sometimes we need it for ourselves. To take a few minutes of peace and quiet. To indulge in our writing. To cook, clean, or do mundane tasks. To read. To do whatever it is on our lists.

I had to say no to something I really enjoy doing. I had to take a step back, reevaluate my priorities, find out where I could fit in more Me Time. I don’t like saying no. I like to keep to commitments when I make them. But this one wasn’t all-binding. I could change my mind at any given time, and since I’ve been slightly crazy with my schedule in August, I wanted to reduce my workload on one day a week. That, for me, is Fridays! I’ve got little to give by Friday. So that commitment had to go.

And I’m glad it’s gone.

In addition, saying no means you’ve stood up for yourself. You’ve taken note of your needs, you’ve been assertive, and that is healthy! Knowing where your boundaries lie is important to reducing anxiety, fatigue, sleeplessness, eating disorders and overweight and obesity, and a whole slew of other diseases and illnesses! When you learn to say no, you’re taking care of you!

Don’t be afraid to say no! Do it whenever you need to, and don’t let anyone else make you feel back for doing so! If they try, they really don’t value you, or your time, and that really is a no-no!


1 thought on “Saying No Is Healthy”

  1. good points. Hard to say no and feel like you are letting others down. But you did good. Running after a toddler is no easy task and you have to have time for you to give her the best you have.

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