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August 2015 Articles & Recipes

I've had one of those weeks. The ones that drag you through the mud. In fact, today I've rather felt a little like mud. But that's okay! Days like this can get you down but you don't have to let them! One of the most valuable lessons I have learned is the power of positive… Continue reading August 2015 Articles & Recipes

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The Benefits of Matcha Tea

After I had my first daughter, we did her baby shower in a tea shop. The owner is one of the few tea masters in the USA, and she expounded upon the benefits of quality Matcha tea, a powdered green tea that one whisks into a frothy hot drink...or mix it in with some lemonade… Continue reading The Benefits of Matcha Tea

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July 2015 Articles and Recipes

Wow! I totally forgot it was the last week of the month last week, and so forgot to post these! Here are some awesome articles and recipes! Enjoy and stay cool! Articles A Girl's Guide to Weight Training 6 Benefits of Using Weightlifting Machines The Science of Suspension Exercise 7 Squat Variations Master the Push… Continue reading July 2015 Articles and Recipes