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June 2015 Articles and Recipes

Holy smokes! This month totally got away from me! Here's to getting back into a routine come July! Until then, enjoy these fantastic articles and recipes (yes, there are more than two this time LOL)! Articles Mental Toughness Techniques for Peak Performance Reciprocal Superset Training Burns More Calories (Study) The Secrets to Behavioral Change: Principles… Continue reading June 2015 Articles and Recipes

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Why I’m Giving Up Selling Essential Oils

I love essential oils! Truly I do. I think they're a wonderful way to boost a healthy lifestyle. They smell good. They work how people say they're supposed to. They have all kinds of properties that are just plain good when diffused or diluted. So why am I giving up selling them? A couple reasons:… Continue reading Why I’m Giving Up Selling Essential Oils