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Essential Oils: What Are They?

I’ve decided to start posting monthly on essential oils, what they are, why I chose to become a doTERRA wellness advocate, and specifics on oils in addition to letting you all know the monthly specials doTERRA offers. My goal is primarily to educate, but should you choose to make a purchase through my website, I do earn a small commission, (and I thank you for choosing to go through me).

So, first off, a lot of people want to know what are essential oils?

According to Wikipedia, essential oils are concentrated hydrophobic (literally, “water-fearing”) liquids comprised of plant-based volatile aroma compounds. The “essential” part of the description comes about because each oil carries the “essence” of the plant’s characteristic fragrance. Most often, essential oils are harvested through the steam distillation process, though they are also obtained through expression and solvent extraction. Historically, these oils were often used for medicinal purposes. Today, essential oils have a wide application, and are often found in common day products like makeup and perfumes, foods, incense, household cleaners, etc. The branch of alternative medicine that mainly uses essential oils is known as aromatherapy.

There are a lot of brands of essential oils out there. Many can be found in stores. While they might be great on price, they are often cut with chemicals. When searching for a good essential oil, make sure that it is certified pure therapeutic-grade quality. For this reason, I generally advise that you research into the companies you buy or are considering on buying from in order to ensure that they, like doTERRA, are meeting the highest quality standards possible. (The FDA does not regulate the essential oils market as they are viewed as supplements.) Look for companies that quality-check each batch of product made, who work closely with the top names in the oils industry, and who meld traditional aromatherapy applications with modern scientific research. Just because essential oils have been used for hundreds and even thousands of years doesn’t mean that good scientific evidence isn’t necessary. It is, and thankfully more scientists are looking at essential oils for their therapeutic and medicinal benefits. (More on that later.)

I’m going to leave you with a rather long video on frankincense oil presented by one of the top names in the industry and doTERRA’s Dr. Hill. Considered the “King of Oils,” frankincense has long been prized for its fragrance and medicinal properties, and is now being looked at by the medical community for anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties, among other things. For more information, check out PubMed.

DoTERRA’s January 2015 Specials:

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As a bonus, here are some recipes that promote a Slim & Sassy lifestyle! Remember, to be healthy requires more than using a product. It requires lifestyle changes! Pick one area to focus on at a time, make small goals to meet an overall larger one, be patient and persistent, and you’ll start seeing results! Good luck and best wishes this year!


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