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August 2014 Articles and Recipes

I can't believe August is already drawing to a close! Where does time go? Before we know it, the leaves will begin to turn beautiful colors and the temperatures will drop--perhaps this is already happening in some areas of the country.   As I always say around this time of year, take advantage of farmer's… Continue reading August 2014 Articles and Recipes

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Essential Oil Safety While Pregnant

Essential oils have become hot in the last few years. They're cropping up in all sorts of ways, with a myriad of uses described in blogs, on websites, etc. Sometimes, the countless suggested uses are enough to have one's head spinning,ย and it always seems that each suggestion is a harmless way to use the oils.… Continue reading Essential Oil Safety While Pregnant

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Pinterest-Inspired Workouts

Sometimes, when I'm looking for inspiration, I go to Pinterest. There's a lot of great photos to enjoy there, as well as tips and how-to's on pretty much anything you want to do. One of my favorite items to research, however, is workouts. Below are a few that I thought were good to help shake… Continue reading Pinterest-Inspired Workouts

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Going With the Flow: Thriving Through the Unexpected (Plus doTERRA Specials)

I know that many of us would love to have a crystal ball that actually worked, but we don't. As a result, life throws us surprises that oftentimes leave us saying, "Hey! Wait! Wasn't ready for that!"In my case, I just learned that I'm expecting Bumpkin #2! While I'm thrilled about the news (I want… Continue reading Going With the Flow: Thriving Through the Unexpected (Plus doTERRA Specials)