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A Little Challenge For Us All

I stretched my brain to think of something to talk about this week besides the products of the month from doTERRA (below). Sometimes, it’s hard to come up with something each week. Then, I stumbled upon this challenge and thought I’d share it for you.


For the base photograph, go here:
For the base photograph, go here:


Simple, straightforward. Right? So often, we get caught up in the cyclical nature negative thinking and negative speaking can lead to. Stopping to think about what we’d like to say–how they can affect not only those around is but also ourselves–can lead to the start of cognitive restructuring and positive mood shifts.


Give it a try! See if you notice a difference 🙂


Here are this month’s doTERRA products of the month, plus a great opportunity for those seeking to start up selling essential oils to those in their own communities:

doTERRA Essential Skin Care Clear Skin Foaming Face Wash

SAVE 10% on doTERRA Essential Skin Care Clear Skin Foaming Face Wash! With amazing essential oils like rosewood to manage sebum levels, white willow bark for cell renewal, and black cumin seed with its antioxidants to help protect skin, this gentle cleanser is designed to rid your skin of impurities without stripping it of natural moisture for beautiful, clear skin. For more information on doTERRA’s skin care line, check out this PDF: EssentialSkinCare Foaming Face Wash.

doTERRA Serenity Essential Oil Blend
doTERRA Serenity Essential Oil Blend

This month’s oil of the month is Serenity Essential Oil Blend. I personally used this blend in final relaxation at the end of my yoga class last night, and the whole class really enjoyed its fragrance and calming benefits. Lavender, sweet marjoram, Roman chamomile, ylang ylang, sandalwood and vanilla bean all combine to create a wonderful blend that can bring about a sense of peace  and a good night’s rest. (A friend told me that if she doesn’t put it on her feet before she goes to bed, she has a very hard time falling asleep.)

As an added bonus, for those doTERRA wellness advocates who sell at least 125 product volume (PV) before the 15th of the month, you get a free bottle of Serenity! This has instantly become my favorite essential oil that I have tried thus far. I hope you take the opportunity to do so as well.

One additional note: For those interested in becoming doTERRA wellness advocates, if you enroll between July 1-31 with an order of 100 PV, you will receive another 50 product credits free. (Each item ordered is designated a product volume, PV, usually–with some exceptions–equaling the wholesale value of the item.)

Please note, I am a doTERRA wellness advocate (also known as an Independent Product Consultant, or IPC). I will benefit from any sales made through my website, but promise that I will do my best to bring accurate essential oils and product information to you. Please feel free to leave me any questions you may have and I will do my best to answer them in a timely fashion, and please check out my Facebook page, Joyous Living and Wellness, where I post not only about health and fitness but also the benefits of essential oils.


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