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July 2014 Articles and Recipes

Whew! I hope you are beating the heat and dodging the crazy weather that some parts of the country are experiencing. In my neck of the woods, it's hot--though I feel like it's cooler than last year--and threatening with monsoons ('tis the season for them). We've had a few major flash floods already this month… Continue reading July 2014 Articles and Recipes

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Mamas, You’re Doing A Good Job!

I'm going to do my best to stay off my soapbox for this one, but there are a couple of things I've run across lately that have got me thinking that we, as people (as well as parents, for those of us who are), need to be careful in how we discuss mothering with, well,… Continue reading Mamas, You’re Doing A Good Job!

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A Little Challenge For Us All

I stretched my brain to think of something to talk about this week besides the products of the month from doTERRA (below). Sometimes, it's hard to come up with something each week. Then, I stumbled upon this challenge and thought I'd share it for you.     Simple, straightforward. Right? So often, we get caught… Continue reading A Little Challenge For Us All

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You Learn Something New Every Day: Neurolinguistic Programming

We've all heard of the Mozart Effect and that classical music, in general, promotes skill-learning in children--and, I daresay, adults too. Whether or not the Mozart Effect is an actual phenomenon that makes a child smarter, it is fairly well known that classical music has numerous effects on the body, including calms the mind, eases… Continue reading You Learn Something New Every Day: Neurolinguistic Programming