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April 2014 Articles and Recipes

Wow, is time flying! Not only are we one-third of the way through the year but my daughter is trying her legs out. Good thing I have baby gates ready…


In other news, here are articles and recipes that I’ve been storing up for the past month or so. It’s time to get them out of my inbox and into a post. Seems like as soon as the snow begins melting, everyone returns to their blogs 🙂 There’s a lot of good stuff in here:


Beating Belly Fat

The Low-down on Ab Exercises

Understanding/Alleviating Plantar Fasciitis

Yoga for Neck/Shoulder Pain

8 Yoga Poses to Try with a Block

Music Training and Brain Anatomy

Time to Tame the Sweet Tooth

Sneaky Names for MSG

Supplements and Blood Pressure

What’s a Macrobiotic Diet?


Avocado and Appetite Suppression


12 Green Recipes that Will Have You Glowing

25 Reasons to Eat Bananas

10 Healing Benefits of Ginger

Sweet/Savory Medjool Date Pho

Spring Vegetable Stew

Hemp/Pumpkin Seed Veggie Burgers

Grain-free Hamburger Buns

DF Molten Lava Cakes

GF Garlic Knot Rolls

GF Chocolate Chip Muffins

Homemade Hot Chocolate (sugar- and dairy-free)


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