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Beetroot, the Very Reddish-Purple Vegetable

Beetroot (beta vulgaris) is one of the vegetables that I'm slowly learning to use. Apparently, I adored it as a baby (who knew?!) but have strangely had an aversion to them after a taste test during my childhood. Poor Grandma fed me canned beets--blech! The real deal is much better, and it helps that my hubby… Continue reading Beetroot, the Very Reddish-Purple Vegetable

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February 2014 Articles and Recipes

I hope this shortest of months is bringing us some results on our health, wellness, and fitness goals. Remember, it takes at least six weeks to really start seeing sustained results for weight loss, strength gains, flexibility increases, and so forth. Patience is the key!   Here are some articles on how to maximize your… Continue reading February 2014 Articles and Recipes


Five Great Exercises to Do While Pregnant

A pregnant woman's body undergoes a lot of changes. The demands placed upon it by the relaxin and progesterone, the hormones responsible for opening up the body in preparation for birth and hence the reason why so many women see increased flexibility, can place joints in danger of destabilization and muscles as risk of imbalance.… Continue reading Five Great Exercises to Do While Pregnant