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January 2014 Articles

The new year has arrived. I hope you all have made some intentions to stick to. I know I’ve made quite a few which I’m excited to try and maintain and/or reach! To help you along the way, here are some articles that might pique your interest! Happy New Year and good luck to you all!


6 Ways the “Golden Spice of Life” Can Heal Your Body

Turmeric “Tea”

Protein Today: Are Consumers Getting Too Much of a Good Thing?

Training for Body-Mind Resilience

Extreme Conditioning Programs: High-Risk or Vulnerable Risk Takers?

Exertion Rhabdomyolysis

Is Any Workout Worth the Risk? (More on “Uncle Rhabdo”)

Lower-Body Causes of Back Pain

Yoga as Therapy for Postpartum Clients

6 Tips to Soothe Dry Skin


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