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Cloth Diapering 102: Joys and Trials

As I’m writing this post, I’m exactly one month out postpartum and enjoying every moment I spend with my darling daughter. Not every day is smooth sailing. This week we struggled with a bought of diarrhea. However, I must say that my cloth diapers (CD’s) performed brilliantly. We had no “blowouts” and very little skin irritation (due to so much diarrhea rather than the diapers themselves).

Sweet Pea One Size Diaper, posted on Kelly's Closet (linked)
Sweet Pea One Size Diaper, posted on Kelly’s Closet (linked)
CDing has not been as difficult as I thought it might be. The greatest work requires my washing them every day or two, and getting out of bed in the middle of the night when my eyelids refuse to unglue themselves. I suppose that if these are trials, I am a very lucky woman.

I’m looking forward to seeing how we fare on our travels back East. I’m not certain what the husband wants to do, or how we will diaper on our journey. I will post on this when I return in an addendum.

For the time being, however, I’m really enjoying being a mother and haven’t found the slightly more labor-intensive approach to diapering a baby unbearable. They are virtually as quick as a disposable. Even the husband says that he really has come to terms with it. (I knew he would.) He even tells his friends who much poop he’s had to touch, namely none. I’m the one that’s gotten pooped on (twice)! Ah, well. Live and learn and keep on loving your babies!


ADDENDUM (12-4-2013): We just returned from our trip, with great results. The grandparents got to meet their granddaughter, we got a lot of Christmas shopping accomplished, and the diapers did fabulously on the trip. We did use a few disposables for the daylight hours while driving for convenience purposes (we were on the road 44 hours each way and didn’t have any laundry facilities with which to wash the CDs), but always switched to cloth at night and used them exclusively while staying with the in-laws. I can state without a doubt that our daughter loves cloth over disposables! She was far happier in them, so I sometimes used them while driving anyway! It got us further along.


2 thoughts on “Cloth Diapering 102: Joys and Trials”

  1. It is always more convenient to have a happy bottom when driving long distances. Good for you for hanging with it. Give Tiny Bump a hug and kiss for me.

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