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October 2013 Articles

I expect that by the time this publishes, the Bump will have arrived 🙂 Here are some great fitness/health-related articles I’ve gathered over the month, as well as a few links some might find interest in browsing (store-related websites I happened to find and/or hear about from others). I hope your October begins with fresh, crisp autumn air, delicious apples, the thrill of the pumpkin harvest, and yummy foods to be found at the farmer’s market.


Thinner Winner Contest (a stupendous idea for gyms, studios, and communities!)

Which is Stronger, Habit or Willpower?

Compassion and Kindness Can Increase with Meditation Training

Transcendental Meditation Is Effective for Hypertension

“Ocean Breathing” Heals Emotional Pain

The 8-Minute Healthy Eating Plan

Overeating, Indulgence Tied to Positive Emotion

Super-short Exercise Bouts Offer Big Weight-loss Benefits

Skinny Jeans Workout (video)

Supercharged Plank Moves

Is Tabata All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

Medicine Ball Moves for the Core

4 Full-body Medicine Ball Exercises

Yoga Straps for Scapular Strength

Muscle Force Generation Q&A (anatomy discussion article)

Younger than 55? Curb Coffee Intake

Skip the Juice, Eat Whole Fruits to Avoid Type II Diabetes

Juiced: Should Your Clients Be Drinking More of Their Nutrients?

5 Reasons to Love Carrot Juice

Mindful Eating for Physical Activity and Athletes

Pre- and Post-workout Snacks for Different Workout Durations

Reusable Sandwich Bags (blog review)

Bamboobies (a nursing pad company seeking to make products that are sustainable, reusable, and user-friendly; often have great giveaways for breastfeeding mothers)

Motherlove (a highly-recommended brand for parents seeking organic, safe and sustainable methods for encouraging breastfeeding and tackling the ails of infancy; an herbal company–as always, check with a physician before use)

Mountain Rose Herbs (a website I recently re-stumbled upon through a blog post which carries an assortment of things, from natural herbs and spices to essential oils and carrier oils, from clays to glass jars; which strives to maintain fair-trade, organic quality products)

NaturOli (Soap nuts are a new concept to me, one I’m hoping to learn more about and blog about in the future; a good place to start researching for those interested in an alternative, environmentally-friendly way to wash clothes…and many other things besides; here is the home site)


PLEASE NOTE: I do not advertise for any specific company. I merely point out ones that have caught my interest. Please always do your own research before purchasing products, and consult family practitioners whenever possible before starting any alternative health regimen.


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