So I’ve Been Hearing A Lot About Papaya

Carica papaya, a melonlike fruit, was discovered by Spanish explorers in Central America in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and quickly became a favorite fruit, nicknamed "the fruit of the angels." They spread it across the world to other subtropical regions, including the Philippines and India. It has rich orange flesh with pinkish or yellowish … Continue reading So I’ve Been Hearing A Lot About Papaya


Fats vs. Fiction

Let's face it, fats have gotten a bad rap in the past forty or fifty years, thirty at the minimum. In Sugar: The Bitter Truth, Dr. Lustig argues that it is carbohydrates, not fats, that are causing people's waistlines to expand. (I highly recommend watching the whole lecture.)For those who don't have the time to do … Continue reading Fats vs. Fiction

October 2013 Recipes

Well, I'm currently having a grand old time being a new mum. No, really! The Wee One is a sweet little thing, even when she crabs about dirty diapers (thereby making more laundry for me to do--I'm cloth diapering), hunger pangs (she eats constantly when awake), being too hot or too cold, and desirous of … Continue reading October 2013 Recipes

A Pregnancy Post, Part II: The Things They Never Tell You About In Childbirth Classes

Several months ago, I wrote a post about pregnancy (here) explaining my experience (thus far) and encouraging women that it was okay not to be the chipper, happy-go-lucky preggo lady society things we need to be. Frankly, pregnancy is hard, and harder on some than others. If you had an easy pregnancy, I envy you … Continue reading A Pregnancy Post, Part II: The Things They Never Tell You About In Childbirth Classes

October 2013 Articles

I expect that by the time this publishes, the Bump will have arrived 🙂 Here are some great fitness/health-related articles I've gathered over the month, as well as a few links some might find interest in browsing (store-related websites I happened to find and/or hear about from others). I hope your October begins with fresh, … Continue reading October 2013 Articles