September 2013 Recipes

September 26, 2013

At this point, I believe my postings will be more sporadic (for the next few months, at least). The Bump is due any day now. I hope to continue to bring great resources and information, but posts might be longer or shorter depending on how much time I have and how often I’ll be able to post. Be that as it may, here are some great recipes I received from some of my favorite blogs. I hope you try, and enjoy, them! Happy Fall, everyone!


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Aloe Vera

September 19, 2013

Aloe plant, Wikipedia.

Aloe plant, Wikipedia.

It’s not just for sunburns anymore. Aloe vera supplements have hit the health foods stores with claims of weight loss, digestive and immune help. Even my father-in-law, who might be one of the people least concerned about health food supplements that I know, has taken aloe and claimed that it’s helped him lose weight. (To which I say, “Great news!”)


So what is aloe, exactly, and what will it possibly do for you?



There are some concerns about aloe being taken internally. Studies done on rats and mice have revealed carcinogenic buildups within the rodents. Granted, these were unfiltered aloe supplements in large quantities. Those people take are filtered through a charcoal process (they’re a clear gel) and taken 1-3 times a day (or as often as a person desires, from what I’ve read).


My personal experience is quite limited with aloe. I have not tried taking a supplement on a regular basis to see how my body would react. However, I do know people who have, and do, take aloe. Many of them, especially those with stomach and intestinal complaints, find some or much relief. Quite a few have found that they’ve lost weight, possibly due to aloe’s reputation as a laxative.


My advice is, as always, do your research before beginning any kind of supplement regimen. Talk it over with your physician, particularly if you have any kind of medical problems or allergy to aloe. The benefits may sound great but the jury is yet out about the risks involved. Will the pros outweigh the cons? Time and studies will tell.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a huge post on cloth diapering (CD)–how to go about choosing whether or not to CD, how to pick the types of diapers to buy and try, and my reasons behind my choice for doing it. This was the culmination of 4-5 months of research that I undertook to decide exactly what I wanted to do, a long and very tedious process that often became overwhelming.


Well, I’m happy to say that there is a book out there that makes this easier, and I just read it! I wish I’d found it much sooner than I had. Better late than never, however. For those yet undecided about CDing, this is definitely worth a few hours of your time. It’s an easy read addressing all of the topics that crop up when couples are deciding what they want to do regarding baby poop. And it has pictures. And diagrams. And very cute pictures of diapers and babies in them.


Linked to Amazon; check it out!

Linked to Amazon; check it out!

Changing Diapers: The Hip Mom’s Guide to Modern Cloth Diapering by Kelly Wels is a straight-forward discussion on fluff–er, diapers. The chapters range from the reasons why people choose to CD (read post above for my own, if interested), diaper lingo to help a newbie wade through all the terminology and choices, brands, how to handle skeptical daycares, what dads have to say on the matter, laundry, and a short but excellent resource section. (I should mention, I really love the resource section! It’ll make anyone’s life easier.) There are also side bars chalk full of personal testimonies, earth-saving tips, “fluffy stuff” (diaper talk), and places to go for more information.


Let me just say, this book is fabulous. I highly recommend it, not because I’m pro-CDing but because it lays out the whole idea in a simple format while simultaneously banishing preconceived notions about CDing. It’s not the rubber pants and flats that grandmother used to use any longer. These are a cute, fashionable way to save a lot of money (and planet Earth in the process).


Not only would this book make a great baby shower idea, it is an ideal gift or suggestion to any new (or returning) parent whose mind isn’t made up on the matter–or whose mind might be swayed by statistics. I think that, while it’s a great guide for those who are already planning to CD, it’s an even better resource for those who haven’t considered it or are concerned about what they’re in for should they consider it. I think Ms. Wels does an excellent job opening readers’ eyes without casting judgment upon them for the choices they’ll make (or have made in the past).


Again, it isn’t necessarily about selling the reader anything. It’s about informing the reader of their options. I like that. I think you will too.


Taken from Changing Diapers, p. 81:


C–Chemical Free


O–One Size







P–Penny Pinching




–A.C. Wantage, New Jersey


In closing, I’d just like to add that I think a lot of people are looking for alternatives to the way things are usually done. I think people want to be well-informed consumers. I think people are tired of being told what’s good for them (and their families). They want to be able to know what’s in their products, to touch and feel them. Ms. Wels’ book does just that, regardless of the way you choose to go. In the end, you’ll make the best choice for you and your family!


Rating: 5 of 5 stars.

September 2013 Articles

September 5, 2013

September has finally arrived, and with it approaches my due date! I couldn’t be happier about this. Both the husband and I are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our Bump (and, frankly, I’m ready to not have my belly be in the way every time I want to do something). Please don’t be alarmed if posts become sporadic and infrequent for a time. I DO plan on keeping up with my blogs as much as possible but newborns, being newborns, require a great amount of time, so they might be short 🙂


Below are some great articles that I’ve collected over the past month. There’s a ton of great research here. ACE and IDEA really hit it out of the park this past month or so. I hope they come in handy for you.


Also, is anyone else looking forward to Fall food (and weather)? I know this lady is!


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