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August 2013 Recipes

I don’t know about you, but I have a hankering for Fall to roll around. I got to thinking about pumpkins and pumpkin season–specifically the place where we can go to harvest our own–and am suddenly in the mood for all the yummy Fall foods that are out there. Still, summertime rolls on but thankfully I stocked up on canned pumpkin before the store ran out. So I made this delicious gluten-free pumpkin scone recipe, substituting only cornstarch for the tapioca starch and trying various levels of xanthan gum (4 tsp as recommended, but also 3). And the glaze is super-easy to make and adds that extra touch of sweetness–used cinnamon rather than pumpkin spice: yum yum!


But for those of us not ready to move on toward the fall harvest yet, here are some great recipes tested and tried on several food blogs I like best:


Chocolate Chip Zucchini Loaf

Raspberry Cream Parfait

Eating Grain Free (recipes and resources)

How to Store Bulk Foods

Eating for Beauty (article)

10 Reasons to Love Sprouts

Dairy-free Smoothies

25 Ways with Zucchini

Lemon Meltaway Cookies (raw or baked)

Tomato & Olive Pizzettes with Quinoa Crust


One last tip: if you get a chance, visit local farmer’s markets! Now is the best time of year to take advantage of the huge quantities and varieties of produce available for minimal prices! Enjoy the time out and eat delicious food!


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