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July 2013 Articles

Wow, I don’t know about everyone else but where I live, it’s hot, hot, hot! I hope everyone is doing their best to stay cool. The hubby and I took off over the holiday weekend last week to escape the heat and enjoy some “cool” mountain air. (Residents there said it was hot for them at this time of year, with highs in the mid-80’s. Yeah, I wish we got those temperatures!)

With vacation season in full swing, please remember that traveling from one climate to another will cause you to become sensitive to the temperature. Take things a little slower if you’re going someplace warm. It takes roughly two weeks to acclimate to weather (and, for those going to the mountains, altitude). Some people acclimate faster, but dehydration is a big worry throughout the summer in regions known for high temperatures. Staying well-watered at all times, and in cool places during the hottest parts of the day, will help combat any negative effects experienced while on your wonderful adventures!

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How to Replace Bread with Gluten-free Alternatives

ACE Hot Yoga Study

The Truth about Exercise and Appetite

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Get More Fit by Exercising Less

Make Your Own Manuka Honey Face Mask


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