An Obsession with Disease?

I have spent a lot of time in the past year reading and working toward my yoga certification, a process that is now on hold due to the fact that the class I needed to take to finish "on time" was sold out. It's not that there's a time limit on my certifications; I just … Continue reading An Obsession with Disease?


May 2013 Recipes

This week I've received a lot of tantalizing, and often vegan/vegetarian, recipes through blogs that I follow that I thought I'd pass along. I hope you enjoy them and have a wonderful week cooking new foods! As a side note, for those of you who are vegetarian or vegan, I highly recommend joining and … Continue reading May 2013 Recipes

The Bodymind, Part II

Last month, I introduced the bodymind as discussed in Deb Shapiro's Your Body Speaks Your Mind. The idea is based on the ancient eastern thought that all disease (or dis-ease) begins in your mind and then translates those issues into your tissues. Now, Shapiro doesn't ignore the fact that other factors play a role in many … Continue reading The Bodymind, Part II

May 2013 Articles

I hope that spring is bringing rejuvenation to everyone this year. It's been a very odd winter-spring thus far in certain parts of the country. This month's articles include information on the curious, often misunderstood disease, Fibromyalgia, and the importance of moving; training the mind-body to be resistant to chronic stress; guilt and diet; and … Continue reading May 2013 Articles