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A Pregnancy Post

Pregnancy has been on my mind a lot lately because, well, I'm expecting. What I find so interesting is how much misinformation on pregnancy is out there. Some of it is cultural, some religious, but some stems from "science" that really doesn't make a whole lot of sense unless you have health complications. So I… Continue reading A Pregnancy Post

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The Bodymind, Part I

Currently, I'm reading a book called Your Body Speaks Your Mind by Deb Shapiro. In it, she introduced a term (to me) called the Bodymind. Now, I teach mind-body exercise, and we discuss the link between the mind and the body and how important it is; but this was the first time I've personally heard of… Continue reading The Bodymind, Part I

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April Delights (Recipes 2013)

Instead of typing out a few recipes that I personally love, I thought I'd leave a few links where you can choose your own recipes by meal. Most or all of these are vegetarian. Enjoy and let me know which you love best! Breakfast: (vegan) The Vegan Coach (vegan) Lunch: Eating Well (vegetarian) Tablespoon (vegetarian)… Continue reading April Delights (Recipes 2013)

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April 2013 Articles!

For some of us, we're still seeing snow, but the husband and I had a lovely Spring Easter day yesterday. I hope everyone else was graced with such too! Here are some great articles to kick off this beautiful month. Optimum Recovery After Exercise: Nutrient Timing Medicine Ball Magic Sample Class: Push, Pull, Bend, Twist,… Continue reading April 2013 Articles!