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Spring Is Coming: Articles March 2013

With spring right around the corner (or at least the Easter bunny, it seems, judging by the chocolate lining store shelves), many are thinking about “getting healthier” now that it’s becoming nice outside. Here are some great articles to help guide your way as you prepare to clean up your diet, change your exercise regimen, or just plain boost your confidence in continuing on in what you’re doing. Keep up the great work! Only you can make the difference you want to see in your life!


Detox Diets: Myths vs. Reality

Can Your Vegan Athletes Match Their Meat-eating Competitors?

Study: A Calorie is Just a Calorie, but When You Eat it is Important Too

5 More Fitness Myths that Won’t Go Away

Kettlebell Research: What Science Says

Yoga and Posture

Health Benefits of Meditation

9 Inspirational Quotes for Loving Your Body


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