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Everything REALLY is Connected with Everything Else!

Apologies to those who sought a post last week. My time in Boston wiped me out so badly, I was terribly sick (with morning sickness) for the three days following my return. It was the return flight, not the YogaFit training itself, that did me in. I've never been on such a long flight in… Continue reading Everything REALLY is Connected with Everything Else!


March Madness 2013 Favorite Recipes

This month I thought I'd share a few favorite recipes that I personally enjoy. They aren't necessarily in line with "March Madness" at all, but by March, we're all feeling somewhat squirrelly for spring, particularly those who are still caught in snow. So here are a couple great, tasty recipes for you to try, and… Continue reading March Madness 2013 Favorite Recipes

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Spring Is Coming: Articles March 2013

With spring right around the corner (or at least the Easter bunny, it seems, judging by the chocolate lining store shelves), many are thinking about "getting healthier" now that it's becoming nice outside. Here are some great articles to help guide your way as you prepare to clean up your diet, change your exercise regimen,… Continue reading Spring Is Coming: Articles March 2013