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My Inner IDEA Experience 2012

I’ve been waiting weeks, it seems, to share this experience. I was very fortunate to have earned a scholarship to Inner IDEA, the mind-body side of IDEA Fit. What an experience it was. I had so much fun and met some really great people along the way that I could not sleep the second night of the conference because I was happy. Plain and simple.


Here’s a list of what I took over the four days:


Regeneration (Re-Gen) with Steve Jack: having no idea what this was except that it was related to the chakras, I went with an open mind. Unlike a few, I stayed the whole time too. The basic idea was tapping into the body’s natural healing capabilities by focusing on the chakra energy frequencies (and then yoga exercise and diet). Some may roll their eyes but to be honest, I can feel chakra energy fields. I could feel the change of frequencies as we moved up the spine toward the crown of the head. It was a different class, an interesting class, though I share a different faith than the instructor. I think what was best about this class was that even though our beliefs differed, the sensations I perceived were the same. Also, at the end, Steve had us do an invocation–what we really hoped to bring to this world. I was really shy to say mine; I’d go so far as to say that I was nervous speaking it. Now this is like a magnet for attention, and I drew Steve’s attention right off the bat. He touched my throat chakra and I told him what my hope was: that people would learn the Truth. It was a powerful moment for me because I realized that this partially or wholly drives the things I do in my life. In response, he said to me, “Courage and precision.” I have to say that this opened up my mind to the rest of the conference, and not in a bad or vulnerable way.


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Utilize Pilates Principles and Athletic Training to Create a Powerful YOU! with Rael Isacowitz and Darya Bronston: I must say that I was trying to avoid any classes with apparatuses because I wanted to focus on learning things that I could take back to my students. Having no idea what this class was other than a class with one of the current Pilates greats, Rael, I went and ended up taking a class with an apparatus. The core fitness roller (CFR), to be exact. One of his students, Darya, had come up with this apparatus, and it’s only been out about a year. I was thrilled to be learning BASI Pilates principles, the program which I am currently most drawn to taking, and became increasingly enamored with the CFR. I went home that night and told the hubby that, if anything, I would purchase one, and I did!


Beyond the Barre: By Balletone with Shannon Fable: a floor ballet class, I was excited to learn about ways to bring dance to everyone without it feeling ballet-ish. Shannon was fun, engaging, and had an awesome story. She worked with all people, most of whom were older than I was actually. I plan on pursuing this program when I’ve finished with both my yoga and Pilates certifications, as well as (hopefully) a barre program.


Stott Pilates: Matwork Flow Conditioning Sequence Workout with Moira Merrithew and Heather Lawson: Moira is another great in Pilates, the face of Stott Pilates, and I could not have been happier to take the class. It was matwork, the kind of class that I can currently teach due to facility and equipment limitations. I learned a lot, including different variations on classical Pilates exercises. Additionally, I was thrilled to get a chance to chat with both instructors afterward about the Stott program. They were great in giving their reasons for why they chose to do the program and what they recommended me taking.


Yoga Tune Up: Core Integration Immersion with Jill Miller: this was a fascinating class that focused on letting the abdominals go, probing the innermost abdominals with a massage with the SPRI ball, and learning the difference between tubular (engaged) and receptive core. What was really cool was that I’d never seen anyone give their internal organs a massage through diaphragm mechanics. We did not get past this point on the video but it was awesome to see how she could move her stomach in a rippling motion–the technical term escapes me at the moment–to give herself a self-massage. In addition to the ab work, we use Tune Up balls to release muscles. Check out her website here for more information.


Movement Fusion: Integrating Fascia and Function with the CFR with Darya Bronston: this was another CFR class, which I decided to take so that I could learn more movements and receive more instruction. Again, it was great. In addition to learning how to stand on the thing, we added some cardio movement. Yes, I fell more in love with my new toy…


Feldenkrais for Performance: Building Awareness with Stacy Barrows, PT: we did not do much during this class except lie on a smartroller, but taking the time to turn inward and notice the imbalances in the body was great! It is amazing how little we pay attention to the two halves of the body, to the mind-body connection as a whole. The whole idea surrounds the hot topic of neuroplasticity, reteaching the mind to think and behave by countering bad habits with exercises. Stacy called them “puzzles.” I will try to put more on Feldenkrais out in the next couple weeks but for the time being, if you get a chance to do some work with the conception, I highly recommend it!


Stott Pilates: Teaching Reformer to First Timers with Heather Lawson: I decided to take this class for two reasons. The first was to learn what the reformer did. The second was because I was a beginner and thought it was probably the best class to take in order to satisfy my curiosity. I ended up being the only First Timer in the class, but was welcomed by Heather, whose a great instructor by the way. In fact, I think she was a little pleased to have someone new instead of just reformer instructors. I got my firsthand experience and learned a lot of tips and techniques that I could apply to my own classes, even though I don’t teach reformer. That’s the great thing about Pilates. Everything works together.


Transformative Teaching: Yoga Adjustments with Stacy McCarthy: this was probably one of my favorite classes because I got to learn some hands-on yoga adjustments with a pro. I mean, Stacy is a real pro. She’s all passionate and compassionate, and did a great job making the class fun, invigorating, and enjoyable for us all. We worked in partners and got to experience that deep sigh when we were released. Learning under Stacy is another thing I hope I get to experience one day, but until then I picked up her adjustments book. See her website here for more information.


Eating with the Seasons with Teri Mosey: I learned a lot from this class. Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), we went through the five seasons, which are based on the five TCM elements–earth, water, fire, metal, and wood. There was a lot of discussion, including one home remedy I’ll pass along. If feeling under the weather or suffering from a cold, take a clove of garlic, bite it, and stick it between your cheek and teeth. Drink tons of water over a period of 5-10 minutes, then chew up the clove and swallow. I just did it this morning and let me tell you, Teri was right. You’ll fall to your knees! But I feel much better. I don’t have a cold, but I don’t want to get sick either and I experienced a bit of congestion last night. Hopefully, it will do the trick!


All in all, I had a wonderful time at Inner IDEA and recommend the experience to anyone, whether a student or instructor (or personal trainer or therapist or whatever). The staff was friendly and helpful, and the instructors were down-to-earth, approachable, and knowledgeable. Moreover, they had passion for what they taught; they were not there trying to just sell you stuff. They were there because they cared and those are the type of people I want to learn from!




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