Fasting, Juicing, and Vinegar (Oct. 2012 Articles)

There is tons of advice out there about these three subjects. Fasting and juicing are big weight loss techniques, and vinegar is supposed to be a heal all. But are they? What are the truths? Can we do these on occasion, with good results, or can we get away with doing them for long periods of time without negative consequences? I plan on exploring these later this month, due to some questions posed to me from students, but I wanted to post a few articles here beforehand. Feel free to leave your own thoughts!



Eating Or Fasting For Fat Loss (IDEA Fit)

Is Fasting Healthy? (Web MD)

Dr. Andrew Weil on Intermittent Fasting (Huffington Post)

Routine Periodic Fasting Good For Health, and Heart (Science Daily)

A Safe 3-Day Fast (Live Lighter Blog)



Health Benefits of Juicing (Mercola)

Is Juicing Healthier Than Eating Whole Fruits and Vegetables (Mayo Clinic)

Juicing: Need To Know (PBS)

Done Properly, Juicing Can Play Role in Healthy Diet (USA Today)

Juicing Recipes (Stanford Cancer Center)



Apple Cider Vinegar: Claims, Benefits? (Web MD)

The Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar (Global Healing Center)

Vinegar For Your Health (and other things) (Vinegar Tips)

Balsamic Vinegar Health Benefits (LIVESTRONG)

8 Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar (Reader’s Digest)


2 thoughts on “Fasting, Juicing, and Vinegar (Oct. 2012 Articles)”

  1. I think moderation is the key word here for all of them. There’s nothing wrong with juicing — or fasting — as long as it doesn’t go overboard.

    With juicing, it tends to make you more … liquid, so some solids are needed. Also, depending on what you juice, you need to be aware of blood sugar factors.

    Fasting can get out of hand, if it becomes a starvation fast. Again, moderation, and realizing there are some foods you need to eat even when you fast.

    Haven’t ever done the vinegar thing so can’t comment.

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