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The Skinny on Vinegar

I am super excited this week! I'm off Thursday through Sunday to the Inner IDEA conference, which is being held right "down the hill" from me, as locals say, in Palm Springs, CA. Among other classes, I'm taking several on floor and mat Pilates, yoga adjustments and breathing, and even one on seasonal eating. I… Continue reading The Skinny on Vinegar

Health and Cooking

Fasting and Juicing

I'm tackling both subject today as they often go hand-in-hand. They are hot discussions that everyone seems to know something about; they are also a huge moneymaking opportunity for those selling things. First and foremost, however, I'd like to start by reminding readers that I am not a doctor nor registered nutritionist (I am an… Continue reading Fasting and Juicing

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Pumpkin Recipes (2012) Just In Time For Fall!

Pumpkin is possibly my favorite fall food. As summer dwindles down, I am constantly thinking about how many cans of pumpkin puree will be in the store come October. It is healthy, loaded with nutrients, and just plain delicious. Also, there are great ways to incorporate it into regular recipes, including: Substitute pumpkin for butter/oil… Continue reading Pumpkin Recipes (2012) Just In Time For Fall!