Ladies, Work Out Those Arms!

I live and work on a military installation. i am also a familiar face at the base's gyms, both as an instructor and a patron. As I work out, I often see men hogging the space before the mirrors, checking themselves out. Literally. It makes me crack up, seeing men angling themselves just right to … Continue reading Ladies, Work Out Those Arms!


This For That

When we cook, we undoubtedly face the reality that a) we don't have something we need for a recipe or b) we'd like to substitute something healthier. With some research, I found some places that had great food and recipe substitution lists:   RecipeTips.Com Greatist: Choose Better--80 Healthy Recipe Substitutions What's Cooking America?: Ingredient Substitutions … Continue reading This For That

Fall Recipes (Sept. 2012)

My mother in law has given me a year's subscription to Celebrate Magazine (Phyllis Hoffman). In the July/August issue, I found some great fall recipes that I thought I would share. They are healthy, hearty, and full of flavor.   Autumn Chopped Salad with Apple Cider Vinaigrette Makes 8-10 servings   2 heads green leaf … Continue reading Fall Recipes (Sept. 2012)