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Yoga FAQs

In celebration of my going off for some yoga training today and tomorrow, I thought I would leave you with some articles on what yoga is, and how one can go about finding the right type of yoga for you! At the bottom, I will also leave links in case someone is interested in finding teacher training programs. Feel free to leave questions. I’ll try to answer them to the best of my ability.


What is Yoga?

Yoga for Stress Relief, by Ladies’ Home Journal

Five basic exercises, from the Mayo Clinic

Basic yoga poses(be very mindful and listen to your body; if you feel strain, too much pressure, or fragile in a certain posture, do not do it until you are ready)

From ABC of Yoga. All rights reserved to the artist. Please do not copy or steal.

Yoga Style Quiz, by Yoga Journal

Yoga styles

Yoga-finder (for classes, teacher trainings, etc., worldwide)

My Yoga Online (online resource for classes to do at home; I believe you have to pay to use it)

Mark Stephens yoga (teacher training, retreats, workshops, and resources)

Global Yoga Shala (teacher training and retreats)


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