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Lets Look At Coconuts!

Cocos nucifera is popping up all over the place. In the media. In blog posts like this one.  In the store, packaged in various ways from whole to canned water or milk. Many claims go along with the products being sold. Like any new thing, there are tons of companies out there ready to make… Continue reading Lets Look At Coconuts!

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Is Sugar Toxic? A Series Of Thoughts On Health.

This past Sunday, a Facebook friend of mine sort of lost it at the proverbial they when the media began their formidable war against....dut-duhduhduh!...sugar! Now, as someone whose said that sugar in the vast quantities we consume these days (without knowing it, usually), this comes as no surprise. However, my friend totally has a point.… Continue reading Is Sugar Toxic? A Series Of Thoughts On Health.