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As Spring Marches In

Pink Tulip. Wikipedia.

No joke! (Okay, well in a way…) The year is flying by and, according to meteorology, it’s already Spring. Sheesh! Where has time gone? For me, February flew by in the form of 7 classes and 92,000 words written on my current novel, not to mention gym time, time spent reading and studying languages, and of course time spent with my husband. To some, it may not sound like a full day but it is, and now it’s time for some rejuvenation.


Because its Spring, or it will be in 21-ish days.


I mean a three-fold rejuvenation when I use the term. Spring tends to be a time when we strive for better bodies–bikini season thoughts creep into some women’s minds, or if not that, thoughts on “the jiggle” concern them–and a cleaner and healthier homes; a better functioning mind–we’re reawakening after the dark days of Winter–and memory; and, for some, spiritual housekeeping.


I will touch on this last topic briefly. The reason why is simple: we focus so much on the others that our souls are often left underfed and parched. For me, I can tell when I need to spend more time cultivating my faith because I get angry, cranky, broody, and harbor a whole slew of darker emotions. I treat people badly. I’m more discontented. I hate how things beyond my control are done. Most often, this happens during the Winter, when I’m hibernating from the rest of the world–or trying to–or when life throws those unexpected curve balls that land in the middle of your stomach. Not pleasant.


Although one of my goals in life is to keep a daily reading of my Bible, I sometimes get lazy and slack off. We all do. The important thing to remember is this: our soul needs nourishment as much as our body does. Feed it however you must. There is evidence suggesting that people who practice a faith are more capable of handling the unexpected stresses that enter our lives than those who pursue no religion.


Then speaking of the body, here are a few ways to help your tried skin cells along. (I live in a desert at present and my skin is very tired.)


Cherry Blossoms at the Tokyo Imperial Palace. Wikipedia.

1. Sugar and olive oil scrub: combine 1/4 c. unrefined sugar and 2 Tbsp. olive oil and rub all over your body in the shower. Here are ideas for more scrubs.

2. Give yourself a spa treatment.

3. Drink more water. Winter tends to pull moisture from our skin much more quickly due to the cold, often dry, climate.

4. Eat more phytochemicals, chemical compounds that occur in plants naturally that give color and organoleptic properties (able to be experienced by the senses), that may have a biological significance but are not essential nutrients. You may have heard of the term “superfruit“. Although science is still trying to accurately define what makes a superfood, countless sources suggest that phytochemicals promote health in a plethora of ways. An old Ayurvedic philosophy states that food is medicine, and that we heal from the inside out.

5. Eat collagen. Ever heard of Jell-O? Yeah, kids love it and it’s a denaturalized form of collagen. I have made a personal challenge to myself and am trying GNC’s ResVitale Collagen Enhancing Skin-Revitalizing Fruit Chews to see if their claims are on target. (They’re gluten-free too!) The one downside I see at the moment is that evaporated cane juice is the first ingredient. Oh bother! Vitamins and supplements never did taste good without sugar. I will have to research other ways of ingesting their claims…

6. Sleep. I cannot speak enough on the benefits of a nap and a good night’s rest. Sleep allowed the body to heal itself, to rejuvenate from the inside out.


Then, of course, everyone has heard of the traditional Spring Cleaning. Not only does it unclutter your house, but I believe it also declutters your mind. In many ways, a home is a reflection of the person. I see countless friends on Facebook exclaim how much better they feel when they go through their homes and toss the trash. They liken it to weight coming off.


My mother-in-law recently did this and, in addition to finding four unopened bags of marshmallows, found ways of reusing old things that had been forgotten. Talk about ways to recycle! Sometimes you can remake your “trash” into treasures, even if they’re only treasures to you–oh! And I just used the three R’s in the recycle symbol 🙂


I hope you welcome Spring with open arms. Take the time to rejuvenate. It will help you prepare for the remainder of the year. Winter has come and gone (for many of us; what the weather decides to do is its business) and now it is time to March onward.


3 thoughts on “As Spring Marches In”

  1. There’s always sugar in everything, it seems. Stevia is a good alternative, if you can handle it; I can’t. I’m learning to cut sugar out of my food more and more. I won’t buy products where sugar is listed in the first four ingredients.

    There is a ketchup manufacturerer (Heinz or Hunts) who is no longer putting high fructose corn syrup in their product. They still list sugar in the top three ingredients, but it’s an improvement from the corn syrup.

    Collagen in the form of Jello is good for hair and nails. Does the sugar in it outweigh the benefits?

    Why, oh, why is everything loaded with sugar? Is it really needed?!

    1. Thank you SO much! That means a lot to me. My goal is to reach out to others with information so that they may make informed decisions to help themselves stay strong and healthy and balanced.

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