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I had another conversation with a really nice lady who comes to my class about trying to lose the pudge that seems to creep upon you when you reach the far side of 35+ years of age. (She admitted that she was closer to 50, and she looks great for that age.) She brought up a point that she was trying to “be healthy” but, like me, she has sweet teeth (plural, as she put it).


This, as well as another conversation with a woman during my stretching class yesterday about her 50-pound weight loss success via Weight Watchers, got me thinking about the importance researching the healthy lifestyle habits that you’re looking to do. There is so much information out there, particularly “for free” on the World Wide Web. How does one sift through it all and find what’s credible?


It’s no small feat and I am giving advice like everyone else. But here is what has worked for me. I hope it works for you too.


First, I look for credibility. I check out the letters after names and find out the acronyms of organizations. If it smells fishy, it might be. Even advice from the most reputable organizations I take with a grain of salt. They tend to be right about many things, but no one is right about everything. Continue researching until you are satisfied with the direction you need to go.


Second, I avoid sites trying to sell you something. There is no quick fix to weight loss or fat loss or any sort of supposed health habit that you can do for yourself. It takes a lot of dedication, discipline, and sacrifice to be healthy. While it eventually becomes natural, it’s hard at the start. Expect pot holes and road bumps and few scraped knees along the way, but avoid Internet peddlers trying to sell you a quick fix. The photos and statements are misleading.


Third, I look for people who have experience with the same ailments, dietary needs, etc., as myself. The blogs I’ve linked to this page are good examples of that. This not only reenforces the fact that I am not alone out there, but a lot of them have great tips on where to find good, solid researched information.


And last, I listen to myself. My body tells me what I need to know if I spend a few minutes a day and pay it some attention. Doing so can save you much grief. Today, for instance, the knee I dislocated 3 weeks ago has been grumbling. Having talked with my father-in-law, a former Navy doc and pharmaceutical representative for one of the largest companies in the world, I went and got myself a joint condroitant–and I really hope I spelled that correctly. For those who aren’t sure what it is, it’s a joint lubricant and strengthener.


Follow your nose as you follow your health quests. If something smells funny, it might be a trap. Always go the safe and cautious route, and direct any questions you have to your doctor. If you feel like that doctor won’t listen to you or entertain ideas about natural or holistic health regimens (should that be your aim), find one who will. You should always feel supported by your medical provider.


3 thoughts on “Do Your Research”

  1. Another good joint lube is plain old fish oil — and its Omega fatty acids do double duty as cholesterol help. Diabetics need to be careful about Glucosamine and Chondroitan (I think that’s the way it’s spelled) because it can raise the blood sugar. Fish oil and Vitamin D and Curcuramin (turmeric) are great pain relievers.

    “Food” for thought there.

    1. That’s a good one. My father-in-law also mentioned boiling the tips of chicken wings in water (maybe with seasoning) until it becomes thick. The cartilage dissolves.

      1. Hadn’t heard that one before, but it makes some sense. We always go for chicken soup when we’re sick with the flu and a cold. Could be something more in it…

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