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ACE on Knee Rehabilitation

Since I recently dislocated my patella, I thought I would share an article I just received from the American Council on Exercise late this week. And, for those who sneak vegetables into their kids' diets, a little pat on the back!   I hope you enjoy, and have a marvelous Sunday!

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The Mind-Body Connection

Yesterday, after my "lengthening and strengthening" class--20 minutes core, 40 minutes stretching--a new student came up to me. She explained that she suffered from anxiety and my class was the first time she had actually been able to relax and destress. Needless to say, I was thrilled. Destressing is what I designed the class for.… Continue reading The Mind-Body Connection

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Healthy Helpful Tips For Religious Fasting

With the Lenten Church Season fast approaching, I've had several people ask me how they can observe their religious customs without giving into the discomforts associated with them, usually translated, "I'm always hungry!" There are some who cannot maintain their commitments, while others go overboard during a fast. The question I often get is how… Continue reading Healthy Helpful Tips For Religious Fasting