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Besides having just spelled miscellaneous ‘mischellaneous’


I have undertaken the task of revamping this blog (again), with thoughts of beginning another one specifically for health and wellness posts. I feel that posting them on what began as a writer’s outlet for musings on, well, writing, causes confusion. Perhaps I am wrong, and I am by no means stopping my posts. I just think it will help separate and define both the careers I pursue.


In addition, I have decided that I will blog Mondays and Fridays (before it had been Tuesdays instead of Fridays) as my schedule is full and these seem to be my least congested days. Plus, why not bracket the week with fun?


On the writing front, I am well underway with my edits. I have hit the middle doldrums, it seems. Frankly, I don’t ever recall editing taking this long before. I assume it has, and does, but whew! What a task. I managed to get through 1/4  of Melt Me this past week, with hopes of making it to the halfway point by Friday, Saturday at the latest. My goal is to have this first edit done by the end of January, whence I’ll seek out a few carefully-selected writerly (or avid readerly) sorts for alpha-readers. Eep! I’m getting to that point…and I’m scared! But then, if I cannot handle a few people reading my stuff, I might not want to publish at all…


(At which point my muses glare at me and tell me to grow up!)


I have also started putting together my world for a short story, which has yet to come together. I stumbled across last year’s Jane Austen Made Me Do It contest and made inquiries, and was severely disappointed when the contest-holder informed me that it had been conducted last year, not this year. Ah, well. Cannot have everything, can we? The contest idea did spark other ideas, however, ones related to other stories I have a mind to write someday. I had an epiphany: stories I once believed to be completely, utterly separate from one another are in fact linked. A single technology connects them! But, otherwise, the stories remain stories unto themselves, with no chance of the characters ever crossing each others’ paths. That would just be…wrong.


Now if only the kinks in my story would work themselves out while I edit, I’d be a super-happy writer…


1 thought on “Miscellaneous Musings”

  1. Hey, Miss Meredith, good post as usual. Want to stay on both your blogs, however you do them.

    As for being scared, I’ve been doing this since before you were born and I’m still scared whenever it’s time for alpha-readers. You’ve heard me say this how many times, but writers–whether they mean to or not–write themselves, their hearts and souls, into their books. You just will be nervous, wondering how readers will receive this baby you’ve given creative birth to. But if you choose carefully, the criticism you get back will be helpful: clip the toenails, cut the hair and oh, you can get rid of the fat here, but add shape there (sounds like baby novel plastic surgery!) What you come out with is something that is stunning and you will be so proud of it. Here’s to cheering you on! Courage, Lion!

    Editing doldrums: Never had them in the first two books. With “If I Perish” I had to tear through it so fast I didn’t have the chance ot have the doldrums. Glitters never had the doldrums either, but I think Now and Then has that chance. It’s so big. So is Energy Weavers. They are both different books and I’m in a different place than I was with the first two.

    Love your technology that links everything. I think my Six Galaxy System does the same thing. I’ll never have to write another massive galactic system in my life because I’ll never get through all six galaxies or the six ring galaxies. I think I stucked myself. We should all be so lucky. Thanks for pushing me into writing SF

    Love you girlie. You are stunning is so many ways. I am proud to know you as writer, friend and daughter.

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