Health and Cooking

More Information on Food

Below is a great article about food addiction published in the latest journal by the American Council on Exercise. While I am not entirely positive that it should be called a disease, as they call it in the article, the research backs up my recent post on sugar and its negative effects on the body. It also backs up the viewpoints that processed food, while quick and easy, is a leading contributor to the growing overweight and obesity epidemic, diabetes, and unsurprisingly food addictions.

Here is also an article on the challenges older exercise participants face and the importance of mind-body interaction. Again, it is more evidence that points to exercise as being the best medicine in the battle to prevent neurological diseases in conjunction with “brain teasers”.

Go out and take charge! You alone have the power to improve yourself and your lifestyle. Happy first day of Autumn! I, for one, am super excited. I love fall foods, particularly pumpkin. Also, the cooler weather is a great climate for getting outdoors and doing some exercise or work. Remember, exercise does not have to take the shape of conventional thought. Moving about your garden or mowing the lawn also counts.


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