Good Posture Promotes Back Health

It's true. I am like the majority of Americans. I grew up hunched over my school desk, hunched on the school bus or chair or couch, and after I grew up I still sat hunched in the car or at my desk. I don't work in a business office. I work at home. I'm an … Continue reading Good Posture Promotes Back Health


Declutter (It’s Good For the Soul and Your Writing)

A writer friend of mine got me thinking about this subject with her recent posts on OmmWriter, mental Feng Shui, and her personal gains and obstacles with that ever-present irritant that creeps in on us. Yes, I do mean clutter. The stacks of papers, the bills yet to be filed, the books piled up on … Continue reading Declutter (It’s Good For the Soul and Your Writing)

Ladies, It’s Time to Find Support!

(Gentlemen, beware! Sensitive subject ahead!)   I mean this quite literally. Please, forgive my rant. Earlier this week I had the most unfortunate, and unpleasant, experience at the gym. I was struggling to push myself through a 30-minute bought of running when the woman across from me began her jog. Now, I don't mind some … Continue reading Ladies, It’s Time to Find Support!