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Healthy Living Update

So, Easter has come and gone. The weather is warming up. So, how am I doing with my health resolutions I made at the beginning of the year? I’ll tell you.

So, so on the headphones dilemma. I keep having to remind myself that I need my hearing and that hearing aids aren’t all that fashionable. I’m doing better overall though.

Sweet tooth is a monster. However, I did give it up unintentionally for Lent, and now that I’ve consumed sweets two days in a row, I feel terrible. I put away that bag of gummy worms and won’t look at it again for a long time. I’d rather feel good than eat sweets. So, somewhat successful. Sweets can be the occasional treat.

Eating more fruit; still working on the veggies. Come on, Self! Eat veggies!


4 thoughts on “Healthy Living Update”

  1. Oh yeah, about the gluten-free diet: so worth it if you have GI problems like me (or not, or worse). Don’t do it b/c it’s the new diet fad though. Not worth it then. Do it because you want to feel better!

  2. fireflyfly–Very good excerpts, look forward to the full story. How you fantasy/SF writers create these worlds, cultures, and all is just amazing to me. Veggies are better if raw or lightly steamed, IMO. You can use a rice cooker to steam vegetables–our rice cooker has a small basket at the top for that purpose. Oh, and if you find a way to finally defeat the Monster Sweet Tooth, let everybody know!

    1. Aw, Tx! You’re sweet. Glad you enjoyed them, and glad to know that sometimes my work is liked. There are days when I want to chuck it into the trash. But, as Holly says, keep writing. Keep going. Yeah…that’s the hard part, right?

  3. Yes, bugnose, eat your veggies! I thought I taught you better than that. One of the best ways to eat your veggies is doing steamed veg and putting them in tortillas with bbq sauce and sour cream. We call them Veggie Tortillas here, but experiment and see what you like. I like Veggie Pizza, too — cream cheese, a variety of raw veg on a rolled out croissant crust (get Pillsbury croissants and just roll them together into a crust. Bake the crust, cool and layer on cream cheese mixed with sour cream and some dill, and then your veg, whatever you want).

    by the way, we sent your package this week.

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